Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the virgin blog


Je'mapelle Nicola, and this is my blog.

Why? I came across it on google. So lets all just say thankyou to google because approximately 2 minutes ago 'fashion in the city' was born. And yes, it will include Fashion, spectacular Parties and intriguing People. If it doesn't then..I will probably just fade out shamefully. Lets not dwell on the pessimism of 5:00 pm and just get excited about a stylish beginning.


  1. That is so true! The 5.00pm pessimisim. I cannot wait till your next post.

  2. please don't fade out into oblivion, i want more endless rants about how fabulous we all are!
    nicola please come home from the continent of fashion (I.e Europe) already, Angelique and Priscilla, miss you too much